Eltham Art Show is an initiative of the Rotary Club of Eltham.

The Online Art Gallery is an internet platform (website) to display artworks.

This Online Art Gallery is for the purpose of promoting artworks from the Nillumbik Shire and Friends (**) to potential investors.

(**) Friends are Artists who have an association within a recognised Artists Group or have undertaken a course or residency within a registered Art Institution in the Nillumbik Shire. Qualifications will be required and confirmed before works will be exhibited.





  1. The Rotary Club of Eltham Inc. (including its directors, employees, agents, curators, members of the Selection Committee and organisers of the Eltham Art show) (collectively referred to as “the Administrator”) provides the Online Art Gallery to artists subject to these Terms and Conditions of entry to the Eltham Art Show. (“Terms and Conditions”)

2. Artists who wish to enter their artworks for consideration by the Selection Committee for acceptance and display on the Online display must enter their artworks through the Website (ElthamArtShow.org.au) Online portal.


  1. By submitting their artworks for consideration by the Selection Committee for acceptance and display via the Online portal all artists thereby agree to be legally bound by and to comply with these Terms and Conditions.
  1. Each work must be the original work of the Artist, has been executed during the 24 months preceding its submission to the Online Art Gallery and must be for sale at the nominated price fixed by the Artist, inclusive of GST where applicable.

5. Each work must not be a direct copy of another artist’s work and must not violate that artist’s copyright.


  1. The Artist must supply detail about themselves and the work to assist with an investor’s decision-making process through the Online Art Gallery. 
  1. Artists must reside within the Nillumbik Shire or be associated with an established recognised Art group or local institution. I.e., Baldessin Press, Montsalvat or Dunmoochin. Proof of this association may be requested at any time. Failure to provide satisfactory proof of association will result in immediate withdrawal of works and the artist being banned from any future Rotary Club of Eltham Art Show events. 
  1. Artists are expected to respect the Online Art Gallery of the Administrator and not attempt to redirect enquiry to outside forms of sales. All references to personal contact, social media and other of a personal nature will be removed. 
  1. Artists are expected to honour the sale of a piece where the first contact was initiated through the Online Art Gallery. 
  1. Artists are expected to agree to price their works submitted to the Online Art Gallery at the same price as/if that piece is listed elsewhere. 
  1. All works submitted to the Online Art Gallery must be for sale. 
  1. A Selection Committee comprised of qualified and respected individuals within the Art Establishment shall decide which artworks will be selected to be displayed via the Online All decisions by the Selection Committee will be final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into. 
  1. The selection of works will be based upon the quality of the works submitted. Works projecting abuse, pornographic images and general disrespect of human behaviours will not be accepted. The Administrator reserves the right to refuse an Artist and their submission of works at any time at its discretion. Nudes will be accepted at the discretion of the Selection Committee. 
  1. The works must be completely owned by the submitting Artist. The works must not be financially encumbered or otherwise. 
  1. The Administrator is not responsible for any guarantee or warranties offered in relation to any works submitted and accepted to the Online Art Gallery. 
  1. All works submitted must be supported with a photo of the complete work including an ECU of a section of the works and signature. It must be a High- Resolution jpeg file (min 300 KB max 8 MB). The photo must be a true representation of the works submitted. 3D must be portrayed by as many ECU photos as required to ensure all sides of the item are able to be inspected. All dimensions must be The Administrator reserves the right to reject a photo which is deemed to be unsuitable for online display. 
  1. An Artist may submit any number of works for consideration for acceptance into the Online Art Gallery. Each submission attracts a fee as shown under PAYMENTS AND FEES. The Administrator reserves the right to accept up to six works from any one Artist. All accepted works by the Selection Committee will be displayed. 
  1. Artworks must be entered into the correct category with accurate external dimensions that include the frame/matt board (where applicable) when submitted. The Administrator reserves the right to change the category if necessary. Artists authorise the organisers to categorise and promote Art works from time to time to encourage investors to purchase for specific purposes. 
  1. Multi-panelled pieces (max of 3) are accepted as one work. 
  1. Artists will be notified by both email and text message when their work has been accepted by the Selection Committee for Online display. Artists must ensure correct details (email/mobile phone) are submitted upon entry. 
  1. The Artist hereby authorises the Administrator to use and publish The Artwork for the purposes of producing a catalogue or otherwise promoting the Online Art Gallery by any means. Personal discussion with the Artist will precede this decision. 
  1. A full disclosure of all works on paper which are to be sold and sent rolled in a tube must be noted in the description of the works in the gallery. All 2D works on solid board/canvas must be sold with a hanging wire and flush D hangers. This is a requirement for the Physical Expo, therefore a strong recommendation for all pieces being sold online. 
  1. The Curator’s decision will be final. 




  1. All fees are non-refundable. Fee/s are payable at the time of submission of work/s: $10 per work. There is no acceptance fee for the Online Art Gallery. There is no refund for works which are not selected for showing. 
  1. The Administrator undertakes to pay by EFT to the Artist the sale proceeds less Commission of 25% (inclusive of GST) within 7 business days of the signed delivery of the work/s to the address provided by the investor of the works. Payment to the Artist will be released upon official acceptance by the investor that the goods have been received and are in accordance with the offered description.
  1. Artists are required to submit their banking details and ABN number at the point of advice of a sale by text/email from the Administrator.




  1. At the completion of the sale transaction the artist will be informed of the buyer’s details. The Artist then has the necessary details required to contact the buyer and negotiate cost/shipping/postage A tracking option is recommended in the Artists best interests for a confirmed delivery. After the satisfactory delivery of the purchased artwork to the buyer, the buyer will be contacted by the organisers to confirm its delivery. The artist will be paid after this confirmation. The artist is responsible for delivery of sold artwork to the buyer. 
  1. The Artist must provide the Administrators with alternative contact and collection details prior to taking leave of absence. It is the responsibility of the artist to take out insurance on their work whilst in transit should they deem it necessary to do so. Please note that courier companies will not insure artwork against damage. 




29. We do not recommend individual courier companies and suggest you do your homework and search for one which suits your circumstances.

As an indicator, some available couriers are:

    Australia Post

    https://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/calculate-postage-delivery-times/#/ Artwork Transport (South Australia*, ACT* and Melbourne) *Door to        Door – no depot

    Pack & Send – Eltham, Bundoora

    9431 2212    e. eltham@packsend.com.au

    Neale Robinson Neale 0488 630 265

                                                   03 9329 7580 neale@artworktransport.com.au

     Artwork Transport (Sydney) Lindsay Hill Jamie Hodgson Lindsay 0439 856 115 Jamie 0417 412 437  02 9695 1471                                                                     lindsay@artworktransport.com.au

     Artwork Transport (Brisbane) Scott Hunter 0409 205 330    07 3899 5643


     Geelong Art Couriers Claire Watson 03 5248 6493

     Noble Couriers Do 0418 175 307 do.noble@bigpond.com

     John Stewart

     John 0412 564 233 john@casartcouriers.com.au


30. The Administrator expects communication between the Artist and investor to be fair and respectful.




 31. By submitting your work to the Online Art Gallery, you acknowledge that the Rotary Club of Eltham is entitled to 25% commission (inclusive of GST) on all sales effected by them and that you have read and understand the terms and conditions of entry and agree to be bound by them.

 32. Commission is charged on the sale price of the submitted works.





 33. The Artist must provide notice within 24 hours of a sale or withdrawal of the listed works in the Online Art Gallery. Notice is by email to admin@elthamartshow.org.au and is taken to have been read and received by the Administrator once a read reply has been sent to the Artist by the Administrator.


34. The Administrator will have no liability whatsoever for any damage, no matter how it is caused, to any artwork or for the theft of any artwork which is displayed at the Eltham Art Show either via the Online portal or by any other means and all artists hereby undertake that they will not make any claim against the Administrator in relation to any damage whatsoever that is caused to their artworks due to any act or omission on the part of the Administrator.