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March 2023

17th Feb 2023

“It is the aim of a well curated Art Show to educate those who wish to aspire to, aim for and reach the higher level of their Art potential.”

Chris White.

Welcome to the New Year 2023… although before you know it, half the year will have disappeared.
Believe it, preparations are well under way for the 2023 Eltham Art Show!

Dates for public showing

  • Thursday 31 August to Sunday 3 September 2023
  • Gala Opening Wednesday evening 30 August 2023

Such was the joy, success and celebration of our inaugural show.  It confirmed the recognition of the historical connection by the founding fathers of Art in Victoria with the current ongoing local creative movement.  The decision to stay exclusive to entries from Nillumbik connections not only proved to be a very wise choice but confirmed the theme from the early 1900’s which in itself has become very well recognised throughout Art Critique circles.
The standard of Art exhibited in 2022 was exceptional. The selection process passed 90% of the submitted works through. Sales totalled 66% of the total value of the exhibition. The show comprised a diverse genre, with many artists taking the opportunity to be exhibited with groups such as the exclusive Melbourne 20 Painters & Victorian Artists Society, both of whom have solid foundations in Nillumbik dating back to the early forefathers.  
So, what’s new for 2023 and beyond?
We are delighted that the Nillumbik Council has provided us with the Eltham Community & Reception Centre as the perfect venue for the next two years. 
As with every ‘first’ there are valuable lessons to be learnt.  We appreciated your feedback and feel there will be a few noticeable changes. All for the ease of operation and comfort of artists and patrons. There will be tutorials, group tours, artist’s gatherings, new categories, new prizes and more community integration, that’s just a start.
Our Sponsors for 2022 were greatly appreciated and we encourage their support again this year with very attractive sponsorship packages available. 
Registrations for interest will commence in May 2023. Those artists who perhaps were waiting to see the calibre of the inaugural show are encouraged to register their interest and feel very confident that their works will be hung alongside excellent company.
Rotary Eltham is proud to be associated with the Artists of Nillumbik and associated groups. We are proud of the standard presented and will strive to continue our support for all the artists who put their hearts and efforts into believing in the importance of this wonderful industry.  
See you in September 2023!

Brenda Ibels
Eltham Art Show

September 2022

2022 Eltham Art Show Raffle

The raffle was drawn at the Eltham Community & Reception Centre on Sunday, 4th September 2022 at 4:15 pm.

The prize winners are listed below.

 1st Prize  – Turid Foyn Johanson (ticket number 0549)
 2nd Prize – Michelle Hayes (ticket number 0067)

 3rd Prize – Maurie Sheehan (ticket number 0608)

4th Prize – Allan Wishart (ticket number 0327)

5th Prize – Leah Veryla (ticket number 0216)

6th Prize – Valerie Osborne (ticket number 0490)

7th Prize – Helen Coleman (ticket number 0503)

8th Prize – Ernita Songahid (ticket number 0534)

The Eltham Art Show – The Art Heritage of the Nillumbik Shire

The Rotary Club of Eltham was very honoured to be able to host its inaugural Eltham Art Show during the first week of September 2022. The Show invited artists exclusively associated with the Nillumbik Shire. The art heritage of the Nillumbik reaches into the associations of the 20 Melbourne Painters Society and the Victorian Artists association. Both of whom were represented strongly in the Show along with respected local artists. The show was held in the Eltham Community and Reception Centre. It was professionally curated by eminent Melbourne Art Consultant Brenda Innes.

After 3 years on the drawing board the show was launched and incorporated submissions of 511 pieces covering the mediums of Paintings, sculpture, glass, ceramics, photography and printmaking. 450 works were selected for exhibition with an excellent result of over 21% being sold to discerning investors. A more interesting statistic was that sales by artists was over 50% of the total value of the exhibition.

This is the first collaborative public exhibition of Nillumbik art held. Strong support from local sponsors and the Nillumbik council enabled an attractive Prize pool total of $13,200. The decision by the committee this week is that this will be an annual event.

The physical show opened for three days from the 1 – 4th September with a continuation of an online gallery on The online gallery will continue until the end of September.

Exceptional pieces from well-respected artists such as Hilary Jackman, Chris White, Julian Bruere, Michele Owen, Nerina Lascelles, Greg Allen, Fionna Madigan and Bill Caldwell are available now for purchase…

Brenda Ibels – Convenor, Eltham Art Show


2022 Eltham Art Show Prize Winners


Art Heritage of Nillumbik, Best in Show:  Sandra Kenney, Covid Travel


Neil Douglas Award, Best Australian Landscape:  Tara Stubley, Dream a Little Dream of Me


Leo Scott Picture Framing & Gallery Prize, Best Oil or Acrylic:  Linda MacAulay, Chrissies Pond


Gallery 7six5 Prize, Best Work on Paper:  Ev Hales, Hopkins River Flow


Best Printmaking, Photography or Photogravure:  Kate Hudson, Silky Oak and Waratah


Best Ceramic, Glass or Sculpture:  Jane Annois, Golden Vase


Masterful Brands Agency Award – Highly Commended:  


Kylie Sirett, You are enough just as you are


Sally Bowen, See Me


Kylie Inglis, Shifting Shadows


Peter Sward, Complex Storm


Cheryl Davis, Lotus and Raindrops


Nell Frysteen, Winter Lunch at Mussel Café


Victorian Artist Supplies People’s Choice Award:  Jacquie Hacansson, Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum

A very exciting event. Take a look….



Date: October 2022