Delivery & Collection Instructions for Selected Works


1.  Artists must print out the Delivery Docket and artwork labels which will be sent via the Successful Artists notification email. If they are not attached to the Successful Artists email notification, please log in to the portal (personal gallery) and print them. The Delivery Docket which covers all artwork, and one label per artwork are needed.

2.  The Delivery Docket must be brought with all deliveries. The Delivery Docket is vital because it will be signed as proof of delivery. It will be needed to pick up unsold artworks. The Delivery Docket also allows the Artist free entry on public days (ie NOT the Gala Opening for which tickets must be purchased.).

3.  If Artists prior to delivery, need to make any changes prior to the artwork’s title, description, size or price, they must log on and make the changes, then reprint both the Delivery Docket and the label of the artwork for which changes have been made.

4.  Artworks must be delivered, at the appointed time specified on the docket on Monday 12 or Tuesday 13 August to the Eltham Community and Reception Centre, 801 Main Road, Eltham, see map at bottom of this document.

5.  Artworks will not be accepted or considered if received after this time, nor will any fees be refunded.

6.  Artworks which are not complete will NOT be accepted.

7.  Artworks must be delivered free of all charges etc. and free of all packaging except for a minimum of wrapping protection. No payments whatsoever will be made by the Administrator for freight or other charges incurred in delivery or return of entries. Entries which breach this condition will be rejected.

8.  Artists must consider how their work will be transported between the delivery vehicle to the display site, and for larger works, installed. This particularly relates to heavy and awkward works. The map below shows ramp access to the Eltham Community & Reception Centre (green path or red accessibility parking). Vehicles using the Accessibility Parking must move the vehicle as soon as works are delivered.

9.  Artists are expected to provide their own plinths for Extra Large and Oversized pieces. Extra Large and Oversized pieces are defined under the Fees document as follows:

a)  Extra Large: above 70cm height but not exceeding 1.5 m height, 750cm width. Weight up to 20kg.

b)  Oversized: above 1.5m height and exceeding 750 cm width, and weighing over 20 kg.

NOTE:  Sizes do not include plinths unless they are integral to the sculpture/work.

10.  All Extra Large and Oversized pieces must be safely handled and installed by the Artist, after consultation with the curator on site. No lifting equipment will be provided or can be used on site. Trolleys are acceptable.

ECRC Access map

Collection instructions (for Artists and Purchasers)

1.  Exhibitors and Purchasers must collect their pieces on the designated days either:

Sunday, 18 August between 4 and 6 pm, or
Monday, 19 August between 10 am and 12 pm, 12 – 2pm, or 2 – 4pm.
Times are to be resolved at the point of initial delivery.

2.  Artworks will only be released for collection upon production of the Delivery Docket, or Receipt of Purchase, even by couriers.

3.  An additional late handling fee of $50 per piece will be incurred if not collected by the date and last time detailed in item 1 above. Additional fees may be charged for larger works (see Information – Fees.)

4.  After the close of the Exhibition, all unsold pieces from this show will be displayed online for a further 2 weeks at the Online Gallery at no cost to the exhibiting Artist. On collection of unsold pieces at the close of the Exhibition, the Artist must inform the Administrator if they do NOT wish to have their pieces continue to be displayed online.

5.  The Artist is responsible for delivery of sold pieces to the Buyer.

6.  The Administrator is not responsible for the transportation of the artworks to or from the venue including any unpacking, re-packing and crating.

7.  The Administrator does not pack artworks. If pieces are to be collected by a courier, they will need to pack them.

8.  For online sales, at the completion of the sale transaction, the Artist will be informed of the Buyer’s details. The Artist then has the necessary details required to contact the Buyer and negotiate costs of transporting/postage arrangements. A tracking option is recommended in the Artists best interests for a confirmed delivery. After the satisfactory delivery of the purchased artwork to the buyer, the buyer will be contacted by the Administrator to confirm its delivery. The Artist will be paid after this confirmation.