…..presents a comprehensive collection of Art exclusively from the Artists in the Nillumbik Shire and Friends (*)


Exceptional works from established and noted artists are on display for your enjoyment and purchase.


Your acquisition supports


Local Artists community

Rotary Club of Eltham Community Projects

Festive Gifts and Personal Investment

Your acknowledgement as a discerning Investor


Experience the truly wonderful creations of the Nillumbik Art Community.


Enjoy Works which have evolved from the forefathers of Australian Art.


A gift for a new home, a lonely wall, to create a smile, a new identity, a great way to communicate with unspoken words.

Special occasions require special gifts.


Consider what the receiver tends to buy and what defines them.


Remember, gifting is all about happiness.


Be discerning and choose wisely.


Be thoughtful, be generous to yourself and someone special in your life.


(*) Artists who live or have lived within the Nillumbik Shire;

Artists who have an association with the Nillumbik Shire, having attended a course or residency with a local

art group or institution. Eg Dunmoochin, Baldessin Press or Montsalvat;

Artists who are a past exhibitor (i.e. Montsalvat) within the Nillumbik Shire.