Whispering Adoration - Melisa Savickas

Melisa Savickas

Whispering Adoration

51 x 51 x 3.3cmPhotography
Velvety soft looking in the in the garden, but spiky and vicious in the night – that’s Borago Officinalis, otherwise known as the sweet Starflower, violet-blue Borage. This is an image that is dramatic and intense in its attitude and not for the faint-hearted. The lighting and desaturation of the green plant tones, together with the lustrous, glossy finish of the artwork gives a modern edge to a traditional subject matter. Borage is native to the Mediterranean area, but common in many countries and is an herb used to treat numerous itchy skin conditions. The stunning violet-blue flowers appear in over spring and last for many months, growing in clusters. The flowers have been separated from the clusters for this photograph and the natural greens have been removed to emphasise the structure. The resulting image transforms a common plant into a textural, detailed digitally created artwork of a stunning plant against a moody, black background. The bright violet-blue remains as the central focus, with the symbolism of extravagance, creativity, mystery and magic. The feeling of this artwork is a combination of soft, loving adoration between the two flowers, and caution with the spines of the plant. Perhaps it describes a relationship between two intense personalities. The artwork suits spaces that are modern, eclectic and bold, with the confidence of individual style of the owner shining through. The inspiration behind this piece is the incredible detail and unexpected appearance of seemingly soft plant forms which are not actually soft to the touch in reality. Unexpected elements of plant life are brought to the fore through extreme close up photography and modern imagery. My focus on plants in the environment intends to inspire the viewer to appreciate them and ultimately, care for them. In transforming the original image to a modern artwork of a small section of the Borago Officinalis, it gains attention in its new format. Combined with latest technology and sublimation printing using 7 individual inks and fusion onto professional quality Chromaluxe metal panels, the image glows with brilliant luminescence and vibrant depth of colour. The image panel sits in a European style frame, which allows the image to float on the front surface of the black metal housing. The artwork is durable and scratch resistant, professionally wired and ready to hang, once unpacked from its secure packaging. This is the first artwork of a limited edition at a large size, to be numbered one of five in total in this size and format.