Sculpted Voices - Aiv Puglielli

Aiv Puglielli

Sculpted Voices

66 x 86 cmPrint
'Sculpted Voices' is a collaborative sound artwork by Aiv Puglielli, commissioned by Nillumbik Shire Council as part of their Artist in Own Residence program. A community-responsive piece, online posts invited individuals to submit short voice recordings to form a long-form sonic experience. The resulting work sculpts and tempers voices as if they were paint or clay, each individual submission recounting stories of the COVID era and observations of the spaces in which we inhabit.
The cover artwork to this project, 'The Hunter's Garden' by Sebastian Haquin, was commissioned to convey the sonic elements of the work following shared upbringing between both artists in the Eltham township, and is here presented as a sole-copy limited edition print.
Sebastian Haquin is a figurative painter working in multiple media, crafting images that channel the conventions of still life, portraiture and the allegorical scene, reflecting life glimpsed through daily interactions, dreams, projections and memories. Observation serves as a platform for deeper inquiry; to extract the deepest spacial, symbolic and material potential, and redirecting or transfiguring it into an image that can be explored on multiple levels. Haquin's work is informed by the tangible, working alla prima from life or from drawings, an illusory space is formed which follows the logic of looking, while serving as a platform to explore the conceptual or narrative depths of an image. Scrutinous visual research informs these spaces, which are not pledged to recreate reality, but are instead stages, on which a tableau can be arranged and a scene performed in silence and stillness. He was raised and educated in Australia (BFA, Painting RMIT, Melbourne) and currently resides in the Netherlands.
Aiv Puglielli works across disciplines in an independent and collaborative cultural practice, as a storyteller, composer and sound designer. He navigates forms including static installations, film and theatre, using the conduit of sound to straddle common themes including human interaction and our connection with technology, gravitating between spaces of contemporary art music, experimental sound art and improvising ensembles. He seeks to connect arts practice with its historic role of galvanising community to shared values and driving change in rigid societal systems. Aiv holds a Diploma from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and a Bachelor degree from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), in addition to completing intensive-based training with the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Rome) and mentorship with the Australian Art Orchestra (AAO).