Mel Paine

Mel Paine

  • Artist’s Statement

    I have lived in Eltham for nine years. Recently, I was offered a position on the Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee of the Nillumbik Shire which I accepted and I am excited to support and help the community, arts and culture in this capacity. Also, I teach teens and youth in St. Andrews, at Nillumbik Living and Learning and privately tutor children and adults in art. I paint landscapes all around the Shire from Cottles Bridge to Hurstbridge, Bend of Islands to Greensborough etc. I am extremely interested in nature and the history of the Shire.

  • Biography

    Mel Paine is an artist, advocate and motivator. She has her own business creating illustrations, landscape/portraiture and abstract art.
    Mel teaches children and adults painting motivating them to find their own self and style.

    Having studied performing arts at an early age, she was able to learn about people developing people skills and is a wonderful communicator. She has studied voice and various vocal techniques to a high level. Mel has sung solo and, in many choirs, including one in Bulgaria. Mel has always drawn or painted which she learnt by doing from her father, an architect and landscape artist.

    Mel was fascinated by the human psyche and landed a job in her twenties to aid homeless kids in Bondi, Sydney, who had fled to the inner city. There, she learnt her trade as a youth worker and has various certificates in mental health. Although she has certificates in the psychiatric area her learning by being and doing with the children, youth and adults has been more beneficial to her, she believes.

    Mel has traveled extensively to South America, America, Africa, Europe and parts of Asia. She lived in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for 13 years perusing a career as a youth worker in homeless, psychiatric and asylum settings for youth and adults. Mel is fluent in Dutch.

    Mel is a strong advocate for human rights. She advocates for the vulnerable whether that be Indigenous people, asylum seekers, the disabled, the elderly, LGBTQI+ community, marginalised youth. The list goes on. Also, she enjoys working out at the gym, meditates, loves gardening, animals and nature and believes in positivity. Mel has helped Nillumbik, Victoria, with the local community via school council, during lockdowns was a member of Help 3095 and Surrounds, is a part of the Community Art Gallery in Eltham and is a member of the Nillumbik Shire Council’s Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee since July 2022. Her interests lie in connecting residents and she teaches art to kids and adults, including those with special needs. She received a grant from the Nillumbik Shire with 9 youths in 2022 to do sessions of landscape art with them and they hung their works at an exhibition in the St. Andrew’s Community Centre, Wadambuk in May 2022.

    Her future dream is to start up a centre for art, music, writing and drama for youth called SING: Serendipity Is Now Given and, of course, to continue painting her landscape art.

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Mel Paine

Milkbar after fire damage to roof, Eltham.
51 x 61 cm Oil paint on canvas $830.00

Mel Paine

Cobbler’s Cottage
56 x 42 cm Oil on canvas $880.00