Jennie Summers Maggs

Jennie Summers Maggs

  • Artist’s Statement

    A resident of Lower Plenty since the 1980's. Lower Plenty was once part of the Eltham shire.

  • Biography

    I have dabbled in a variety of art mediums over the years. Spinning & weaving, oil painting, decoupage, mosaic.  My latest art foray being sculpture, with a curiosity to know if my sculptor ancestors could ‘whisper’ technical secrets to me from the past.

    Awakening. Marble composite Sculpture. (1/2 life size.) Modelled from life.
    My first piece of sculpture is dedicate to my sculptor ancestors Charles Summers and Charles Francis Summers.
    Studying their works has assisted in the “Awakening” of my own skills as a sculptor.

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Jennie Summers Maggs

88 x 41 cm Marble composite sculpture $8,500.00