Jacquie Hacansson

Jacquie Hacansson

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    A resident for over 40 years 

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    I was born in Dunedin NZ in 1965.
    My parents married at the very young ages of 17 and 18.
    Their youthful and ambitious attitudes meant our lifestyle for my first fifteen years was transient and colourful.
    It also meant I went to eleven different schools between 1970 until 1984. I sometimes wonder
    if this constant change ignited my sense of creativity.

    The final years of my education were spent at Taroona High School in Tasmania which offered a
    plethora of art based subjects, so my interest in art developed.
    One of my subjects was furniture making. The first piece of furniture I made was a couch which
    was purchased by my graphic design art teacher. I gained confidence.
    In the late 80’s I continued to dabble starting a fine arts diploma primarily focused on life drawing
    and sculpture. In addition, sculptural workshops with Matcham Skipper and various other
    well-recognised artists cemented my passion for the arts.
    By the time I was twenty-seven I had a husband and three sons. As an outlet I joined Eltham’s Living
    and learning center and started with lead light glass. It was a wonderful community that
    encouraged independent learning.
    At this point I began to study again and acquired a diploma of applied science which if nothing
    else gave me a rich understanding of anatomy and physiology.
    Discovering glass as a medium with which to work was like soul food. I immersed myself in it.
    However frustration began to set in as cold glass has its limitations. I began to explore the
    world of warm glass and within a few years I had purchased several kilns and was running my
    own studio – Red Door Glass.

    As I was integrating all that I was learning myself, I loved sharing my new found knowledge
    with all those eager to learn in the studio. From the beginning of Red Door’s conception it has
    been a community friendly studio that thrived on absorbing and sharing knowledge.
    Before long it was natural for me to pick up pencils and brushes again. I like to work with both
    oils and watercolour. There is a particular harmony between watercolour and glass work as they
    both have the same beautiful translucent and transparent qualities. Also, in both, you add layer
    upon layer, building depth in presentation.
    Now I move between glass and painting daily and enjoy having multiple projects on the go.

    I have been a member of our shire’s fabulous NAOS program for 12 years.
    My work has been widely exhibited, including at Montsalvat Gallery, Eltham Community Library,
    The Light factory, Convent Gallery Daylesford, Seaview Glass Gallery Queenscliff and Gallery 765.
    My Archibald entry was selected by Victoria’s Salon de Refuse. A painting of Treasury Gardens was selected
    for The Marvellous Melbourne Exhibition.
    Over the past 15 years my work has been commissioned both privately and commercially.

    Jacquie Hacansson’s Red Door Studio has been producing art for over 15 years, a rich body of
    diverse and contemporary work. A self taught glass artist, she works with warm and cold glass,
    varying her techniques across lead light, mosaics and the kiln forming that she finds offers even
    greater creative freedom. Her collaborations with glass blowers produce stunning light fittings and
    vessels that are unique and bespoke.

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Jacquie Hacansson

92 x 92 cm Oil on stretched canvas $2,200.00

Jacquie Hacansson

Urban Living
91 x 46 cm Oil on stretched canvas $1,700.00

Jacquie Hacansson

Red Forest
100 x 100 cm Copper Foiled Fused Glass panel $5,500.00

Jacquie Hacansson

100 x 100 cm Copper Foil and Fused Glass Panel $7,500.00