Eileen Gruen

Eileen Gruen

  • Artist’s Statement

    Lived in and loved Warrandyte North 1991-2006.

    Have worked with Jacquie Hacansson of Red Door Gallery (formerly Research, now Eltham) since 2012 on monthly basis, at periods weekly (the Gingers group).

  • Biography

    Arriving in Australia from the US with a very new PhD in chemistry , I spent my working life teaching at tertiary and secondary levels while raising children. I have always been interested in painting, clay sculpture and art, an interest broadened and deepened during 17 years teaching at the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School. When glass as a material came into the Year 11 chemistry syllabus, I and the class tried, in true Steiner fashion, to make glass from the ancient materials. One tiny bead resulted, but I was hooked, and began taking workshops in warm glass and glass casting. Retiring early to do a Visual Arts Diploma at Box Hill TAFE, I have since exhibited annually or biennially with Out of the Box, a group of fellow TAFE artists, our latest at Black Cat Gallery, Fitzroy, August 2022, as well as occasionally with glass groups. In my "big pieces" period, I had work accepted at the Yering and Montalto sculpture exhibitions. I continue to experiment and push my boundaries with this wonderful, expressive, and challenging medium. The submitted work incorporates investigations into glass powder casting as well as love of the bush and an interest in the 934 varieties of Eucalyptus.

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Eileen Gruen

Bush Giant
58 x 20 cm Fused Glass panel $750.00