Don James

Don James

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    Born Melbourne, Australia

    Don is a realist oil painter who trained with Ms Shirley Bourne and Alan Martin.

    A Fellow of the Victorian Artists' Society Don has received several prizes including the Normal Kaye Medallion at the Victorian Artists Society in 2003.
    He has taught the elements of Tonal Realist Oil Painting since 1982 publishing a book, ‘On Painting’ in 2007.

    Don has worked in several studios at Montsalvat being a resident artist since 1992. Starting in the historic ‘Boat Studio’ which was destroyed in the 1996 fire he is now occupying the Montsalvat Painting School studio above the residence of the late Matcham Skipper.
    He finds the atmosphere provide by Montsalvat

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Don James

30 x 25 x 3cm Oil on canvas $500.00