Dilini Perera

Dilini Perera

  • Artist’s Statement

    I own a property that we are currently building on in kangaroo ground. The build is meant to be complete on the 26th of August and we will move in shortly after

  • Biography

    Dilini Perera. A female fluid artist from Melbourne.

    If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.

    As an Artist my source of inspirtaion is water. As someone that grew up on the island of Sri Lanka the beach was always a hop skip and a jump away. For me being by any body of water is where I feel most connected to mother nature. All my art is a homage to the source of life, water

    I use acrylic fluid paint to experiment with different colours and techniques. I have been painting for over 3 years. I began painting purely for fun and I have not stopped since. I fell in love.

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Dilini Perera

surface of the dam
70 x 69 cm Acrylic fluid paint $650.00